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The End is Near

posted May 28, 2019, 5:30 AM by

Testing is this week.  Tomorrow is the reading EOG and Thursday is the math EOG.  The 5th grade did a FABULOUS job on their science EOG last Friday.  I know both 4th and 5th are going to do just as well on reading and math. The robotics competition is this Friday.
Next week is a busy week.  Tuesday is 5th grade graduation/awards assembly.  It is at 10:00.  We will also have a few presentations in the classroom afterwards.  I hope you can make it.  Journey Church is providing a hot dog lunch for students and we plan to just relax outside for the afternoon.  Thursday the 6th is the end-of-year carnival/reading celebration.  The school is asking for donations of chips and drinks.  If you can help, it will be greatly appreciated.  And Friday is the last day for students.  It is an early release day.  Then the 2018-2019 school year is in the books.

Week of April 8th

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    We have many different activities going on right now.  The EBOB competition is this Friday.  Those participating are invited to stay after school Thursday for a last minute practice.  We also have Math 24 competitors chosen and they are welcome to stay Thursday afternoons too.  We had our individual robotics competition and have two city competition teams formed.  They too can stay Thursday afternoons.  Several students will be going to the Science Olympiads competition this Saturday.  I know they are going to do great!  
    Fifth grade will attend a 6th grade band/Chorus information session Tuesday, April 16th at Lexington Senior High.  A permission slip will be coming home soon for that trip.
Spring Break is from April 19th to April 28th - YEA!!  
    When we return the fourth and fifth grade overnight field trips are April 30th to May 1st.  Schools are closed May 1st for an optional teacher workday, but that does not affect our trips.  We still have permission to go and we do have transportation.  
    After Spring Break we have only four weeks until EOG's.  Wow, can you believe it?  Both fourth and fifth  grade will be working on geometry until spring break and then we will be mostly reviewing. Fifth grade will be finishing the last science standard, forces and motion, and then will begin reviewing for the science EOG.  Each student has a science Coach Book for science they need to be studying.
Time is flying by.  We're going to make the most of every minute.

Week of March 18th

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Wow! March is flying by.  Next week is 3rd quarter testing.  Fifth grade science is on Tuesday, Wednesday is reading and Thursday is math.  The end of the 3rd quarter is the 29th.  Until then 5th grade will be reviewing for the quarter test.  Topics covered on this test will be adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, multiplying and dividing decimals and multiplying fractions.  As time allows we will also be learning and practicing measurement conversions.  Today I gave each 5th grader a NC Science Coach book.  This book is the best study guide for the science EOG.  We will be working in this book until EOG time.  
      Fifth graders also received permission slips for the Fort Caswell overnight field trip.  More information such as packing and an itinerary will be giving out closer to time.  All money is due by March 22nd.  If you have a problem or concern about getting the payment made, please just contact me.  I'm sure we can work something out.  The reason we have the money due now is because we must pay for the charter bus and send a deposit to Fort Caswell.  
    Fourth grade is still learning about decimals.  They are relating decimals to fractions and how to compare decimals.  Topics covered on the 4th grade quarter test are comparing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators, multiplying a whole number by a fractions and decimals.  In science we have finished rocks and minerals and are just reviewing.
Important Dates:
March 22nd - Fort Caswell Field Trip money due
March 26th - 28th - Quarterly testing
March 29th - End of quarter and Book Order Due
April 12th - Battle of the Books Competition
April 19th - 26th - Spring Break (YEA!)
April 30th - May 1st - 5th Grade Fort Caswell Field Trip and 4th Grade Betsy Jeff Penn Field Trip

Week of February 25th

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Wow, February is almost over.  Hopefully the bad weather is over and we can continue with a normal schedule.  Also hopefully the worst of the illnesses that have been circulating are over.  Spring is around the corner.  This week fifth grade will be practicing converting measurements in the customary system and will be introduced to the metric system.  They will also begin mixed review of past standards and skills.  In science they will continue to learn about body systems and assembling our body system models.  Just a reminder the full payment for the Fort Caswell field trip is due by March 22nd.  You can make payments until then.
Fourth grade will continue to practice adding and subtracting fractions.  Along with this they will be practicing simplifying fractions and converting mixed numbers and improper fractions.  In science we will be learning about the rock cycle and different types of rocks. 

Week of February 11th

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    There have been a few "bugs" making their way through our classes - a stomach virus and the flu.  Please encourage your student to wash their hands any time possible.  I have been doing the same.  If you can donate tissue, that would be great.  Thank you Ms. How for the many donations already!
    With that said, it is very important make-up work be returned to be graded.  If not, your student may receive a failing grade.  I do make sure I give students work they missed while absent.
    Tonight is Pickett Family Night at Bojangles on Hwy 64 from 5:00 to 8:00.  If you need dinner, drop on by and let them know your child goes to Pickett.
    5th grade will be going to the symphony Thursday.  If you have not returned the permission slip, you need to do that as soon as possible.  Also remember payment for Fort Caswell is due March 22nd and you can make payments.
    We will take time to exchange Valentine treats Thursday afternoon.  I sent home a class list in Friday folders.
    This week 5th grade will continue practicing adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals.  We will learn to divide decimals next.  In science we will be finishing up with cell and moving to body systems.  Fourth grade will continue to practice comparing fractions and will be moving into decomposing, adding and subtracting fractions.  In science we will finish discussing fossils and move into weathering and erosion.

Week of January 28th

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Hopefully we will have a full week this week.  The second quarter awards assembly will be Friday, February 1st at 1:15.  Report cards were in Friday folders.  The spelling bee is coming up soon and both grades have been studying hard for the Geography Bee.
Both grades have math homework nightly.  They have the usual Daily Word Problem and I have added a daily computation practice.  It is very important student do their homework.  
Fifth grade has the upcoming field trip to the symphony on February 14th.  If you haven't returned the permission slip or $5.00, please do as soon as you can.  I also put a balance sheet for the Fort Caswell overnight field trip in with report cards.  That money is due by March 22nd.  You can make small payments if you wish.
In math fourth grade will continue with fractions.  They will be practicing recognizing and creating equivalent fractions and then on to comparing fractions.  In science we hope to make some fossils this week.
Fifth grade will be reviewing and practicing adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions this week.  In science we hope to finish up genetics this week and moving on to cells.

Hello Third Quarter

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This week is the first week of the third quarter.  Report cards should be sent home Friday in Friday folders.  
 Fifth grade will be reviewing multiplying and dividing fractions and then will move into multiplying and dividing decimals.  In science we began learning about genetics and inherited traits.  If possible, please allow your student to bring a picture of a parent or grandparent when they were young.  We are going to compare the picture with the student and see what traits have been passed down.  This is always fun and surprising.
    Fourth grade will begin fractions.  We will be learning about fractions the whole third quarter.  We will begin with equivalent fractions and comparing fractions.  In science fourth grade will be learning about fossils - how they are created and how they are used to study Earth's history.
    Fifth grade has a field trip to the Symphony February 14th.  There was a permission slip in last week's Friday folder.  The cost is $5.00  I will be sending home information about the Fort Caswell Trip soon.  I will let everyone know their balance due.

It's Buggy at School!

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I just wanted to let you know there have been several cases of lice at Pickett in the last week or so.  We do not have lice in our classrooms.  But, please talk to your student about not messing with anyone's hair, especially the girls.  They like to "do" each others hair.  Also they should not be sharing jackets, coats or hats.  We no longer have the 'No Nits' policy, so its important we do all we can to prevent an outbreak.  Thank you!!

Look Out 2019!

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Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break.  It's time to come back and finish the second quarter strong.      
    Fourth grade will be reviewing for the second quarter assessment.  The topics assessed will be place value, adding and subtracting larger numbers, multiplication and division.  Hopefully we can even dip into next quarter's topic which is all things fractions.  Fractions are a huge topic in fourth grade.  In science we need to finish up with magnetism and electricity.  
    Fifth grade will also be reviewing for the second quarter assessment.  Fifth grade topics assessed are dividing with fractions, comparing decimals and adding and subtracting decimals.  Fifth grade is a little behind in science because of the time we missed for snow and holiday activities.  We will review all weather topics.  I'm working on creating some study guides for the major weather concepts.  We still need to learn about conservation of matter and different kinds of changes that affect matter.  No worries though.  We have time to get caught up.
Upcoming Dates:
January 14 - Science Quarter Assessment
January 15 - Reading Quarter Assessment
January 16 - Math Quarter Assessment
January 18 - End of Second Quarter
January 21 - MLK Holiday (No school)
January 25 - Report Cards Sent Home

Snow Days 2018

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Well, it looks inevitable.  Snow is on its way.  To keep students academically engaged over the snow days I will be sending home some review math work and a special Flipgrid Video Challenge.  I'm excited about the Video Challenge.  It can be really fun if everyone participates.  I will be posting videos also.  

The link to the Flipgrid Video Challenge is:

Below are links to the review math work:

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

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