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Week of April 9th

posted Apr 8, 2018, 2:07 PM by Ella Frazier
Well, spring break is in the books.  It's time for the push to the end.  This week both 4th and 5th grade will be working with line plot graphs.  Students must plot different sets of data and then answer questions about the data.  Fifth grade will begin geometry by the end of the week.  They will be learning how to compare and classify different types of polygons.  Fourth grade will begin algebraic patterns by the end of the week.  In science 5th grade will begin forces and motion - Newton's laws of motion.  Fourth grade will finish up rocks and minerals.  Students didn't really get much time classifying rocks, so we're going to practice more.  Then we will spend some time with matter - physical and chemical changes.
Both 4th and 5th grade will also begin EOG review.  Homework this quarter will be 6 to 10 EOG-style questions each night. Each week we will target specific skills. It is important students do the homework and have it ready to check the next day.  I will keep a record of how many questions students get correct and students can still earn extra credit for homework.  Missing work or incomplete work will not be counted.  Remember you can check the Homework Calendars for assignments. We will also practice specific skills in class.  Students will earn points for homework and classwork to use for a special Friday STEM challenge.
Important Dates:
April 12th - Early Dismissal/Conferences (more information to come)
April 13th - District EBOB competition
Week of April 16th - 20th - 5th grade DARE
April 19th - Media Festival (Congratulations to Zyanna, Genesis, Melina and Hailey for having their project chosen for the Media Festival)
May 1st and 2nd - 5th Grade trip to Fort Caswell