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Week of November 14th

posted Nov 13, 2016, 5:22 PM by Ella Frazier
November is flying by.  This week fifth grade will be completing the "Packing for Jamestown" challenge.  They will be researching life in Jamestown in the year 1607.  They must then decide what to pack to survive in Jamestown.  We will also discuss primary and secondary resources.  In science we will continue with weather.  We will be learning about tools meteorologist use to predict weather.  We will be make a few of these tools beginning with a barometer.  If possible, students need a small, large-mouth jar.  If you are comfortable allowing your student to bring a glass jar, please allow them to bring it as soon as possible.

Fourth grade will be learning about Yosemite National Park.  They will be focusing on finding the main idea of a text, summarizing a text and determining if a text is written as a first-hand account or as a second-hand account.  As a culminating project they will be creating a travel brochure of Yosemite.  In science we will continue learning about thermal energy and then move to sound and light energy.

Next week we only come to school on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday through Friday is the Thanksgiving holiday.