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Week of September 24th

posted Sep 20, 2018, 5:13 PM by
    September has flown by and this final week is busy.  Monday, September 24th is a teacher workday, so student do not have school.  Tuesday, September 25th is fall picture day.  Students may wear SMOD or dress clothes.  No jeans please.  
    In math 4th grade will begin multiplication.  Our first topic is multiplicative comparisons.  This means students must be fluent in describing equations.  For example - 24 is 4 times as much as 6.  This will review multiplication and division facts.  It is VERY IMPORTANT students know their multiplication facts fluently.  They shouldn't have to stop to count fingers or draw pictures to solve simple facts such as 6 x 7.  Please practice these at home.  In science we will try to finish ecosystems.  The NC Division of Water Resources is coming Thursday to present a water conservation program for the 4th graders.
    Fifth grade will begin long division.  Problems will have up to a four-digit dividend and up to a two-digit divisor.  We will be doing lots of practice.  In science we hope to also finish with ecosystems.  Fifth grade will have a presentation from Lexington Electric and Gas on Friday.
A huge Thank You to the families that came out to family night at Bojangles.  You helped us win a free breakfast and treats.

Other upcoming dates and events:
Progress reports will be sent home either Friday the 28th or Monday the 1st 
5th grade field trip to the fairgrounds for the AG by the Slice program - October 9th
Pickett Open House - October 18th