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Wonderful First Week

posted Aug 30, 2018, 5:36 PM by Ella Frazier
    The first week has been great!  The 5th graders got right back into the routine and the 4th graders are learning quickly.  It looks like we are going to have two great groups (although I can tell just about all of them LOVE to talk :).
    Fifth graders will get a Friday folder tomorrow, but there is no work to send home yet.  Some have papers to have signed. All have a weekly report.  Please sign the report and return it with the Friday folder on Tuesday.  
    Fifth grade began math with our place value system.  Students will be learning how to read, write and compare whole numbers and decimals.  They must also use the powers of 10 to multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals.  In science we began with ecosystems.  Students will be learning about the different types of ecosystems and the factors that affect changes in them.
    Fourth grade also began math with our place value system.  They will be learning to read and write whole numbers in different ways based on their knowledge of our base-10 system.  They will learn how the different placement of numerals within a number effects the value of the numeral and the whole number.  In science they began with ecosystems also.  They will be learning how animals adapt to survive in various ecosystems.
    Don't forget there is no school Monday.  It is a holiday.  Have a great long weekend!