EOG Review

EOG Schoolnet Practice Codes 
Go to your IAM account and then to schoolnet.  Use the codes to take a practice quiz.  
Be sure to review any missed questions.
4th Grade  

Math Codes     
4FRACREV1 - Fraction Review
4FRACREV2 - Fraction Review
4FRACREV3 - Fraction Review
4FRACREV4 - Fraction Review

4MEASREV1 - Measurement Review
4MEASREV2 - Measurement Review

4DECREV1 - Decimal Review
4DECREV2 - Decimal Review

4GEOMREV1 - Geometry Review
4GEOMREV2 - Geometry Review

4PLVLREV1 - Whole Number Place Value
4MULDIV1 - Multiply/Divide Review
4ADDSUB1 - Add/Subtract Review

4MULTSTEP1 - Multi-Step Word Problems
5th Grade

Science Codes
VU8DY2JU - Weather Review
BA4PY5NA2 - Weather Review
5WEATHER3 - Weather Review
5THWEA4 - Weather Review

5ENEREV1 - Heat Transfer Review
5ENEREV2 - Heat Transfer Review

5GENREV1 - Genetics Review
5GENREV2 - Genetics Review

Math Codes
5FRACREV1  - Fraction Review
5FRACREV2  - Fraction Review

5MEASCON1 - Measurement Conversion
5VOLUMREV1 - Volume Review

5MULDIV1 - Multiplication & Division
5DECOPREV1 - Operations with Decimals