Pay Day Students

Each week I try to recognize great academic behavior.  To do this I choose one student as our “Pay Day” student of the week.  They will receive a Pay Day candy bar.  

5th Grade

Josue S.  
Josue is a very smart student.  He is a deep thinker and a wonderful problem solver.  When he puts his mind to a task he excels.  He is a possible world leader.

Nicholas H.  
Nicholas has a personality all his own.  He is very intelligent and is capable of doing great work.  When he sets his mind to a task he works hard and makes great achievements.  I am proud to say I am Nicholas’ teacher.  

David C.  
David is one the sweetest, kindest, and sincerest students I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching.  He also has a very funny sense of humor.  He is conscientious and works hard, which shows in his great achievements.  Great job David!  

Alexis I.  
Alexis is a creative genius. She has a unique ability create beautiful academic works of art such as models and presentation boards.  She brings her knowledge to life through her work.  It is a great pleasure to have Alexis in my class.  She will no doubt be very successful in her life.

Daisy D. 
Daisy is a shy, yet very intelligent student.  She is a keen observer and notices details many miss.  She works hard and shows tenacity.  She is a great student and I’m very proud to call her my student.  

Mary Lloyd C.  

Mary Lloyd is a quiet, sweet person with a kind heart and brilliant mind.  She works hard and holds herself to a high standard.  She is person many others look up to and admire.

Emma W.   
Emma is a creative genius and a great out-of-the box thinker.  It is a pleasure to have Emma in class.  She is an all-around excellent student.  

Passion P.   
Passion is one of the most interesting students I have ever met.  She appears to be quiet and shy, but I think her brain works at the speed of light, so she has too much to think about to be bothered with talking.  She is really just a genius at work at all times.  The world needs Passion.  

Nicholas S.  
Nicholas has started this school year with a cheerful, positive, and pleasant attitude.  He has also made some impressive and very intelligent contributions to our class discussions this week. Thank you Nicholas for starting us off right!

Madeline B. 
Madeline has demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills and critical thinking.  She has been a shining light of knowledge.  I am extremely impressed with her academic ability.  Great job Madeline!

Bryanna R. 
Bryanna is a brilliant student!  She is a model of good character and a pleasure to have in class.  She works hard and strives to achieve the highest and best of everything.  Bryanna, you are simply great!

Kiran K.   
Kiran is extremely smart and is an amazing student.  His hard work is reflected in his achievements.  He is a future leader who will make his mark on the world.

Griff S.   
I am proud of Griff for working through his difficulties.  He has worked to keep a positive attitude and to not give up, even when feeling frustrated.  He has made wonderful progress and his brilliance has shown through!  Great Job Griff!

Isaiah R.   
Isaiah has shown tremendous improvement over the last couple of weeks.  He has worked hard, not given up, and shown just what a great mathematician he is.  Amazing job Isaiah!

Mollie Z.   
Mollie is just simply brilliant.  I would not be surprised if she were one day President of the United States.  She is a present-day and future leader.  I am proud to say I am her teacher.

Stephanie A.   
Stephanie is a brilliant mathematician.  She quickly grasps concepts and is quick to help classmates understand as well.  She is a kind friend and a terrific student.  I love having Stephanie in my class.  Thank you Stephanie.

Lucas A.   
Lucas is a brilliant student.  He puts great effort into his work and is rewards with tremendous achievement.  His abilities, brains, and work ethic make him a top student.  I have no doubt he will do great things in his life.

Liam B.  
Liam is a super smart student.  He demonstrates amazing mental mathematical skills.  He rises to any challenge and usually achieves greatness.  He is a future leader and the world will be a better place when he takes his place in it.   

Cassidy P.   
Cassidy has an amazing spirit.  She can brighten my day with just a smile.  She works hard and never gives up, even when something is difficult for her.  I would consider Cassidy a wonderful role model for students and adult.  Thank you Cassidy for being so wonderful!   

4th Grade

Angel G.   
Angel is one of the most talented math students ever.  He has excellent mental abilities and is capable of amazing things.  He’s a wonderful student and I’m proud to say he’s in my class.

Herman D.   
Herman is a sweet person and a great student.  He works hard each and every day.  He takes great care in completing his work and truly cares about the quality of every task he completes.  I am so glad to have Herman as a student.

Annabell C.   
Annabell has a unique personality.  She is an observer and a champion of fairness.  She’s not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she feels is “the right thing”.  Annabell will be a great asset to the future of our world.  I will be proud to say I was her teacher.

Luis C.   
Luis is a special person.  He is extremely smart and kind.  He works hard and is a conscientious student.  I have thoroughly enjoyed have Luis in class and watching him grow socially and academically. I’m sure he will achieve great things in his life.

Jordan B.   
is a sweet, kind, and enjoyable student.  She is extremely smart and work very hard.  She is a model of perseverance because she keeps working until she achieves her goals.  Jordan is just simply great!

Katie A.   

Katie is an extremely smart student.  She has a unique personality and is not afraid to be herself.  I admire her self-confidence and fearlessness.  I’m very glad she is in my class.

Luke T.   
Luke has a unique character that is all his own.  He is funny, serious, creative, and caring.  He is a great friend and student.  I love having Luke in my class.  

Charlie P.  
 Charlie is about the sweetest child you could hope to meet.  He is quiet and thoughtful.  He is polite and kind.  He works hard and will help anyone who asks.  I am thankful I have a student like Charlie in my class.  Thank you Charlie for being so wonderful!

John H. 
John has already emerged as a student leader who can be held as a model of responsibility, enthusiasm, and brilliant thinking.  It is a great pleasure to have John in my class this year.

Priscilla S
Priscilla has proven to be extremely responsible and a brilliant mathematician.  She works hard, follows all rules, and is a model of positive behavior.  I am proud to call Priscilla my student.

Cameron O
Cameron is a quiet, conscientious student.  He works hard and never gives up, even when something is difficult.  I am proud to say Cameron is part of our class.  Thank you Cameron! 

John S 
John is a wonderful student.  He works hard, follows all directions and procedures, and displays amazing character.  He is a model for all to look up to and admire.  He is simply impressive! 

Isabella B.  
Isabella makes being a teacher a pleasure.  She is smart, kind, witty, and hard-working.  She aims high and achieves high!  Thank you Isabella for just being you – a great kid! 

Hannah D.  
Hannah has worked extremely hard to do the best job possible.   She has persevered, even when topics have been challenging.  I’m proud of Hannah’s hard work and her continuing improvement.  Keep up the good work Hannah.

Saralin M.  
Saralin is about the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful student alive.  She works hard and achieves high.  She stands as a model for all.  Thank you Saralin for being so great!

Taylor B 
Taylor is a very smart student who works hard and does excellent work.  She is a model student.  I truly appreciate her effort, kindness, and sweet personality.  Thank you Taylor.

Christopher B.  
 Christopher is a caring, thoughtful, smart student.  He works hard and perseveres even when concepts are difficult.  It is a great pleasure to have him in my class and I’m proud to say I am his teacher.

Caroline H.   
Caroline is brilliant, beautiful, thoughtful, respectful, conscientious, hard-working, friendly, accepting, and just plain wonderful.  On top of all that she is a snappy smartypants (she knows what I mean).

Grayson G.   
Grayson has an amazing mind.  He quickly grasps concepts and is eager to learn more difficult material.  He is creative and is an out-of-the box thinker.  He is simply a wonderful student who makes teaching fun.  Thank you Grayson!