Plant and Animal Adaptions - each biome is listed with a description and information about plant and animal adaptations

How Animals Adapt to Their Environment - lots of animals from different ecosystems (found by Uziel)

Biome Video -  short video that explains the six major biomes.  The is a short quiz at the end to test your knowledge.

Windows to the Universe - Very informative site that explains biomes and ecosystems, includes pictures and maps. There is also a Spanish version.

The Food Chain Game - build food chains: starts easy but gets harder

Interactive Food Chain - cool game to build food chains

Food Webs - build four kinds of food webs

Carbon Cycle Game - cool interactive game that takes you through the carbon cycle

Interactive Carbon Cycle
- explore the different parts of the carbon cycle

Nitrogen Cycle - cool tutorial

EcoKids - games and activities to learn and practice ecology

Kids Do Ecology - everything about the world's biomes

Properties of Matter

Healthy Body

My Plate - information about food groups
Interactive Food and Nutrition Games - choose a game to help you practice building nutritious means

General Science Information
Human Body
National Geographic - information about the brain, heart, digestive system, lungs, skin
Circulatory System - all about blood, heart, veins and arteries  
Kids Health - all about the human body
Kids Biology - information of body systems

Anatomy of the Human Heart - great information plus several links to other sites about the heart
Biology4Kids - information of systems and how they work together
Cell Craft - a game to learn all about cells
Cytolife - learn how cells protect themselves

Inherited and Learned Jeopardy  (Find a friend an play)

Weather Videos

Weather Watch - observe, gather data, investigate, and analyze weather information

Predicting Weather - everything you need to know about how meteorologist predict weather

Weather Practice - Ed the Robot will quiz you on weather and show you demonstrations

Evaporation - a tutorial about evaporation and the conditions that effect evaporation.

 Water Cycle Too        or     More Water Cycle- animations that explains elements of the water cycle.

Learning About the Water Cycle - lots of links to different sites about the water cycle.

The Story of Drinking Water - tells about all the parts of the water cycle, has a game, and more

Earth Visualizations - many animations of many science topics such as weather and erosion.

Forces and Motion/Simple Machines
Newton's Laws of Motion - The "Mumble Man" explains Newton's laws using an apple and a worm as examples.

Newton's Laws of Motion - great sight with explanations and illustrations

Newton's Laws - another site that explains Newton's laws.  It also includes Newton's biography.

Park World Plot- an interactive game that teaches about forces and motion

Simple Machine Practice - Ed will quiz you on simple machines found in everyday life.

          Rocks and Minerals

Mineralogy 4 Kids - lots of information plus a step-by-step method for identifying minerals

Geology.Com - picture of all igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks to help identify each
Sedimentary Rock - information and pictures
Igneous Rocks - information and pictures

Metamorphic Rocks - information and pictures

Identifying Rocks Game - test your mineral identification skills