Instructions:  Pick a video.  Watch the video and write a response to the prompt or question below the video link.  You can write your response on a sheet of paper and turn it in to Mrs. Frazier  OR  you can write your response using Google Docs and submit it to Mrs. Frazier from your Google Drive.

Add your own ending to the phrase "Education Is . . . ".  Then write a paragraph that explains your Education is statement.

Write a paragraph that defines discrimination in your own words.  Describe a time that you or someone you know experienced discrimination.

Although robots can do some things better than humans, there are many things people are still better at. What's one thing you think robots might never do as well as people? Explain why.

As you know, an important part of most stories is a conflict. The conflict can be between two characters, a character and himself or herself, or even between a character and their environment. Based on the trailer, describe two conflicts that appear to be important to the plot of the film.