Brain Games

Duck - a new favorite game that requires you think outside the box

Physics Games - many types of games that require problem solving skills.

My favorite is Fantastic Contraption.

Games for the Brain - over 30 games to stimulate your brain

Play with Your Mind - even more on-line brain games

BrainBashers - games, puzzles, and more

Logic Games and Puzzles - fun logic games and puzzles that give your brain a workout

Chess - learn how to play one of the oldest strategic thinking games, play with friends, or play the computer

Sudoko - play one of the most challenging logic puzzles in a user friendly jigsaw puzzle format

Just For FunIn which Hogwarts House do you belong? Test yourself and see!

Sorting Test One

Sorting Test Two

Sorting Test Three

To which faction would you belong if you were Divergent?

Aptitude Test One

Aptitude Test Two